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Hi, I’m Chad. I’ve spent the last several years trying to find and hone my passions both personally and professionally; the one constant that has remained throughout my journey: my mind is an incessant whir of new ideas and creativity.

Professionally: The attitude of a job just pays the bills has long passed. I have been fortunate to have a search engine marketing services and technical solutions job fall from the sky, feeding my appetite for all things nerdy. My self-taught background in most areas has created efficiencies in conceptualizing, creating, de-constructing, reverse engineering, researching and improving ideas/processes.

Personally: It might be ironic to work in a technologically dependent industry and have an intense nostalgia for creative mediums pre-digital era. I enjoy music without creative constraints and literature printed & bound — the satisfaction of the discovery and collection of both is unmatched. In addition, finding and helping foster others’ creativity provides direct benefits by giving me the ability to share with loved ones.

This is the third incarnation of my website, and fingers crossed that I will bring more focus and fervor to this iteration. Scatter-brained as I am, a sandbox to play in helps keep my ideas and thoughts astir, conditioned and child-like. On that note, there will be no promises of quality as this is my area to hash out and wax on the ever-changing topics that keep me fiery. Hopefully, during this exploration of my musings, growth will be evident — all while providing some value to you.

Your opinions are always welcome and greatly appreciated, so feel free to challenge me at any point. To do so, comment on any of my blog posts or use the contact page.